Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Learn, Educate, Act

We all need to learn, we are constantly learning new things. I have been learning a lot about health. Lets start with a definition. Doctor : Teacher . yes that is the original definition . When was the last time a doctor taught YOU something? Do you go to a doctor and they tell you what the drugs do to you that they prescribe? No. Do they tell you alternative ways on how to heal your body? Do they teach you how your body works? how things work inside of you? no! It's our time to educate ourselves. I encourage you to watch a movie called "Food Matters." and "forks over Knives" I have yet to see the latter but have heard great things about it. Start educating yourself and you may be amazed on what is going on in our country when it comes to health, eating healthy and our freedom to choose to eat healthy. I will write more on this soon! (most likely after July 2 after i am Married!)