Thursday, August 8, 2013

Porcupine Treasures

Hey guys so sorry it's been forever since i've written last. Life has been crazy. I haven't felt like writing much since my surgery, but now i'm healing (physically and emotionally) and when I get back from my week vacation with family i'll write some more. In the meantime hang in there and don't give up on reading!! I did go in to the Dr. the other day for a post op appointment and they said everything is healing well. This is good news for me. I'm ready to be better again. I can finally start exercising slowly again.

In other news i started a new business called Porcupine TreasuresHERE . I'm selling on Etsy right now and you can check out my shop HERE.
. It's just getting started so i don't have much products but I hope to have a lot more in the future. I'm selling jewelry right now and hope to sell maybe kids clothes, aprons, and such in the future. Check out the facebook page for my business

Thanks again for being patient and reading my blog. Check back later for more updates! Thanks!

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